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We have seen the rise of the visual medium grow exponentially in the last 10 years! From VHS and DVD's to Youtube, Vine, and Instagram videos have take over our life and give us a chance to relive some of our most incredible moments. At Modern Era Weddings we take a new look on traditional wedding videography, giving you a chance to decide how you want to remember your special day. Documentary Style, Love Story, we could even do a mock reality T.V. show of the process leading up to your wedding. With professional equipment, and expertise in all of the stage of production we want to ensure that you receive the content that will bring all of those memories back to you. We also specialize in social media video. Sometimes we talk to bride and grooms who do not want a full edit of their wedding, we don't push these customers away we schedule and determine the proper way to shoot their event and send them the individual clips from their wedding so they can share them on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, or just put them on thumb drive to mail to family. We can even help you set up the social media page so it is password protected and you can choose who you want to see it or who you don't. Creating beautiful high quality media is something we are passionate about, and we love it when we receive emails back from brides telling us that they cried while they watched their video, it's the most important day of your life, you deserve to see it time and time again!

Reviews from both clients and wedding websites have thus far proven to be all positive, mostly 5 star reviews. Click the "Raves" tab to learn more about what our clients are saying about us.

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