Happy Pride Month! Let’s find that perfect wedding card!

Have you found yourself struggling to find that perfect card for LGBT brides and grooms to be?

We know that for this specialized event many of us are unlikely to find many cards in the stacks at our local pharmacy – so in honor of Pride Month we went out to Kards Unlimited in search of the perfect card for that special couple!

Here are some of our favorites!

For that special couple who carry an elegant air about their love!

The perfect card for the flashy couple you know would love a little disco flair in your gift!

Short, sweet, simple and with all the colors of the rainbow right in the cake!

                Nothing a little minimalism can’t handle; a smooth & neutral colors makes for this perfect card.

These elegant designs are sure to make the happy couple swoon a sincere awe upon opening.

For that special couple who is both a little old fashion and not too flashy!

And perhaps my favorite card of all…

How perfectly adorable is this?

We here at Modern Era Weddings firmly believe first and foremost in the meaning and importance of love and strive towards making your wedding experience easier, more inclusive and more festive at every possible turn.

So while we are out here helping you find your perfect card – keep in mind we will always be here to help you create your perfect wedding.

Happy Pride Month again everyone!

With DJs, Videographers, Photobooths, Circus Weddings, Photographers, Lighting Systems and so much more – we are here to help you create the weddings of your dreams.

Meet Jaime Lorenzoni owner of ChampagneAndGrit.com!

Meet Florida based interior designer and wedding fashion aficionado Jaime Lorenzoni, owner of ChampagneAndGrit.com!

Hailing from Landenberg Pennsylvania Jaime graduated from Laroche College with her degree in Interior Design and soon moved to Hawaii to live her dream working for a design firm.

Jaime soon found that design, in this capacity, was not the highest of the dreams that she wished to live up to. Her inner fashionista could not be satisfied and so she moved herself to Palm Beach Gardens Florida to start Champagne and Grit – her passionate endeavor to create a company of beautiful and unique wedding fashion accessories.

I emailed Jaime to ask if we could feature some of her favorite accessories on our blog and she was all to happy to send over some of her favorite pieces.

Here at Modern Era Weddings we not only have an eye for but also a great admiration and respect towards those unique individuals who strive to add more beauty and magic into a wedding ceremony. We simply had to feature Jaime on our blog and since we’ve recently opened up shop in Miami Florida hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to feature some of Jaime’s work on the necks, heads and hearts of the brides of our upcoming weddings as well.

Take a look at some of Jaime’s work and follow the hyperlinks for more!

Bridal Cape, Bridal Back Jewelry, Bridal Crystal Cape, Bridal Back Necklace, Wedding Cape, Back Drop Necklace, Back Jewelry and Cape Veil all done by Jaime.

Get to know Jaime a little more – read her bio page over at Champagne and Grit.com!

Champagne and Grit offers Soiree Services as well! Jaime works directly with her clients and will spend hours with you at the salon, assist in photograph styling, reception or ceremony styling, honeymoon styling and much more!

Click here to read a beautiful series of love letters written to Jaime from her clients over the years!

Read what the press has had to say about Jamie and her work, StrictlyWeddings.com, RuffledBlog.com, CakeAndLaceBlog.com and many more!

Contact Jaime now to see how she can help turn your wedding into the beautiful combination of Champagne and Grit.

Head over to the Champagne and Grit Etsy shop and start accessorizing today!

(Photography credit to: Erica J Photography, Dragonfly Photography, Erica Melissa Photography, Cheryl & Jay Photography and Kenneth Smith Photography.)

The Award Winning All Inclusive Wedding Package!

We know that wedding cost can fluctuate drastically and the stress of that can sometimes feel pretty overwhelming.

Since weddings are priced on a case by case basis we here at Modern Era Wedding are all too familiar with this stress.

But what if we decided to change that up a little bit?

What if our team found a way to make your wedding planning just a little bit smoother?

What if we decided to take all of the services and just put them into one all inclusive package that will handle every detail of your big day, from entertainment to decoration, documentation and coordination?

Well, this is exactly what we’ve decided to do.

If you are planning your wedding in Pittsburgh, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Miami, Tampa, or Orlando then we’ve got a special deal for you!

Award winning DJs, Photographers, Videographers, Photobooths, Lighting Design, Month of Coordination, Day of Coordination and Vendor selection all included in one single package of $10,000! Discounted from $13,345!

Booking these services through multiple companies could not only cause you headaches, but could cost you well over $15,000!

We are always looking for more ways to make your special day something with a little less stress and a little more love. Head over to our website and send us an email, we’ll set up a time for us to talk and get your wedding set up just the way you imagined it would be.

Offer valid depending on artist availability in your area, All artists and personnel available on a first come first serve basis.

Modern Era Weddings Presents: La Hora Loca Wedding!

When we came upon the La Hora Loca wedding in 2016 at a bridal show in Florida we knew this was a wedding package our brides-to-be back home could no longer do without. For a year we strove to perfect this experience by creating the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative with the goal in mind to turn future weddings into masquerade masterpieces of Samba dancers, stilt-walkers, juggling and drums! Confetti cannons, glow wands and masks! It is with great appreciation to The Pittsburgh Samba Group, to Josh Mariana for his fantastic photography and congratulations to newlyweds Melissa and Anthony Caruso that I present to you our finished product. Our collaborative La Hora Loca wedding was a spectacular success!

La Hora Loca (The Crazy Hour) is the South American tradition reminiscent of Brazilian Carnaval and Mardi Gras. Only more condensed, personal. A miniature elaborate celebration – within your celebration…

We here at Modern Era Weddings with The Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative offer La Hora Loca Wedding packages in traditional Latin Carnival style, Neon, Romani Circus and Traditional Circus style!

Interested in seeing if La Hora Loca is right for your wedding? Head over to our contact-us section and let us know that you want circus arts performers for your wedding!

La Hora Loca is what you call a moveable feast or a floating holiday making it perfect for any event you can think of! Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, holiday parties, Quinceañeras, wakes, birthdays, anniversaries or, honestly, just about any celebration you can imagine is destined to become a La Hora Loca!

Imagine your celebration! Halfway through the dancing you hear the pounding of rhythmic drums as in storms a gaggle of Samba dancers, stilt walkers, drummers and jugglers. Masquerade Masks are passed out amongst the guests and confetti cannons fill the air with cascading colors!

Congratulations again to our newlyweds Melissa and Anthony Caruso and thank you again to Josh Mariana, The Pittsburgh Samba Group and our entire La Hora Loca team!

Book your La Hora Loca wedding today with Modern Era Weddings and The Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative!

Lately I have been obsessed with lighting decor…

Lately I have been obsessed with lighting. Lighting for the wedding, lighting for the reception. I am, overall, simply illuminated with joy at the spectacle that has become what can almost be labeled as an archaic revival.

Many couples have chosen beautifully vibrant outdoor receptions with flowing and pouring streams of floating globes filled with specks of candle lit fires.

Some have made a spectacle from strings of Edison bulbs while others are trickling tapestries of Christmas lights mixed among the accentuating floral colors of their wedding.

Well, I have been tracking down pins for my Ceremony and Reception Lighting Board for several weeks now. Here are a few that stand out as they are indeed the most delightful of the bunch.


We here at Modern Era Weddings do strive to be the most up to date on wedding trends and often find ourselves talking to a bride that asks us, “Do you have those old fashioned lights? You know, the old timey ones that look like their from a hundred years ago?

These are the lights known as Edison Bulbs and they are the epitome of perfect ambient reception lighting. Whether strung as individuals from wires, wrapped as a bunch in a make shift chandelier or cascading across the canopy above – Edison Bulbs are what you’re looking for.

Now I’m going to head back over to Pinterest and take a look at other forms of unique and eccentric lighting for weddings. Specifically I think I’ll take a stroll through the skies, as we offer here at Modern Era Weddings the very novel product of dancing on the clouds – perhaps for the next wedding, perhaps even yours, we’ll be ready to also offer clouds lit from above for your dance floor.

Do you have any special lighting features that you would like to share with us? What have you come across that has been illuminating?