So You Just Got Engaged

He asked. You said “Yes”…now what?

First of all, let us say, “Congratulations!”  on your engagement!

Secondly, and this is important, “Stay Calm.” Seriously, it’s true. The Biggest Day of Your Life™ doesn’t have to be the biggest headache!  The Wedding Factory and Modern Era Weddings are here for you.  

Couple holding hands showing that they just got engaged

The Checklist

Organization is crucial to planning a successful event – and that is what Your Day™ is – your most personally special event. Now that you’re officially engaged, you have a lot to do over the next several months to a year or more.  (Time will fly.) The Wedding Factory and Modern Era Weddings offer differing levels of consultation services that can help you along the way, relieving you of much of your wedding planning stress.  You can also à la carte our services in conjunction with a Do-It-Yourself attitude.

The Venue (Also known as the “Do You Have a Date Yet?”)

Generally speaking, even the most extravagant weddings should only take about a year to plan. However, the venue location has the greatest impact on your actual wedding date (for obvious reasons.) Depending on where you would actually like your ceremony to take place, you may want to start calling around immediately for booking a venue.  Highly popular sites can be booked YEARS in advance.  As you are perusing pretty places, consider overall how b-i-g you want your wedding to be.  The guest list can only be as big as your venue. And vice versa.

The Budget

Once you have your venue and a date (and before you start pinning dresses!), let’s discuss your budget.  I know, it’s boring, but there’s no need to panic.  This is where your wedding planner, consultant, or online tools can save the day.  Remember, the “One Year™” rule-of-thumb isn’t just about giving the venue, vendors, and guests time to prepare for your wedding.  It is also about giving you and your fiancé(e) the ability to distribute your or your family’s resources evenly.  Almost every contract will require a deposit upfront to hold your date. 

*Stay tuned for a future blog post specifically dedicated to this particular topic.

Next up: Engagement Parties – Do’s and Don’ts! 


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Many Pittsburghers will tell you their favorite things about the city are the views. Very few cities have such a scenic viewpoint like the Steel City has with Mount Washington. Just about any weekend (and some weekdays), you can drive down Grandview Avenue and see a wedding party taking pictures at one of the overlooks. Point State Park is also another favorite picture location for wedding or engagement photos. The Point where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers converge to form the Ohio River is a beautiful place, complete with a fountain that sprays water up to 150 feet! With Heinz Field or the West End Bridge in the background, along with the Ohio River, this is a popular picture location for many couples.Photo credit: Edward Coll, Sky’s The Limit Photography

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