Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

About our Entertainment Services 

Actually quite the contrary, while we do already have a certain price for our services in mind, we would rather see if we can customize our packages to suit your exact needs for your budget. This doesn’t mean you will get a $1500 DJ for $500, but we can certainly assist you in finding the right entertainment, or documentation for your budget. We have produced over 1000 weddings and tens of thousands of public, and private events, and we would rather help you avoid the pit falls of event planning, than lose your business over a couple hundred dollars.

Most brides begin to think about booking their entertainment about 1 year in advance for the services they care most about. Our DJs, Photographers, and Videographers are all highly talked about and referred through word of mouth amongst our clients. If there is a specific person on our staff you would like at your wedding we recommend you inquire 8-12 months before your wedding date.

Most standard lighting designs do not take more than 3 months to complete from the design phase. While we do recommend you reserve a date, lighting consultations and designs can wait closer to your wedding date. We have a large enough staff to accommodate multiple lighting productions on the same date.

Yes! All of our services work as independent departments. We strive to set ourselves apart from the companies that will only allow you to use their other services if you book their DJ. However, we do have amazing all in one packages that save you A LOT of money while booking multiple services.

When people used to think of DJ’s they would think of some corny older gentleman in a tuxedo playing the electric slide and teaching everyone how to do it while he hoola hoops around and throw glitter on your grandma. While we think that would be hilarious to see, that is not the type of person you want at your event. We are young, creative, talented DJ’s who have been working to ensure that we have other talents besides just teaching the electric slide. We have worked years to be able to mix two songs together seamlessly so there is no dead air through out the night. We have all also worked in many different atmospheres and at a variety of events, where we learned how to “Read a Crowd” and also the basic of event coordination. Do you want some one who is going to be playing hop scotch on your dance floor? Or a highly trained professional who can make mash-ups live and uses the energy in the music to get the party going

Put it in your inquiry. All of our DJs, and Photographers are highly sought after, not only for private events such as weddings but also in the bar and nightclub industry. If there is a certain DJ you are interested in make sure you put their name in your inquiry so we can check their availability.

Most websites will say that you should budget about 5% of your total budget towards your entertainment. We feel our our pricing is more than competitive in the market for the quality of work we provide.

We get asked this all the time, and the answer is simple. We let our DJ’s choose where they want to be priced in the market. We have heard too many horror stories from our entertainer friends about companies that will charge $2000 for a DJ and then only pay the DJ $500, does that seem fair? All of our DJ’s are incredibly talented music mixing geniuses who deserve to be treated better then that, so we let them charge what they want for an event.

Yes it does, and when we say it we mean it! Some of our DJ’s have performed at weddings that went into the early hours of the morning, and they had an amazing time! If your venue will let you, and the party is incredible, why would we want to leave? Keep it going all night long!

Of Course! We even take it a step further than that. We utilize industry leading technology to put all of our planning forms in an easy to access website that you can log into from any location on any device. Not only can you put your Must Play, and Do Not Play request lists in, but there are also sections for the event time line, and other general planning information.


Already book Modern Era Weddings to provide your DJ for the night? Tell us what songs and styles of music you do and don’t want to hear on our request lists here!

While that would be really sad, and we would all cry, don’t worry! All of our DJ’s are familiar with our on line planning service. This means that any of our elite staff members could print out your planning forms and perfectly execute your wedding. (while mourning their co-worker on the inside).

Yes! We love working vacations, and our DJ’s reputation are not contained in the North East! We have traveled all over the east coast, and as far west as Hawaii to DJ weddings. We have locations and personnel in multiple cities across the U.S. to better serve you.

We are very particular about the way we coordinate our events day of, you deserve nothing less than perfection and we strive to deliver that. That being said it is very important that we communicate effectively with your other vendors to ensure that everything is running smoothly and there are no mistakes.

Modern Era Weddings currently accepts all major credit cards, personal & company checks, cash, and money orders.

You can book any of our services right here!

Once we receive your inquiry someone from our office will contact you directly about your special day. If you like what you hear, we will send you a contract for our services.  After you send that back, along with the agreed upon deposit, we will begin planning your special day!

“OK, you answered all my questions and I’m ready to talk about my wedding. What do I do next?” Well, come over here and we’ll tell you!