Lighting Design

“Atmospheric lighting effects to change any venue into an event wonderland!”


Nothing sets the mood for your wedding quite like lighting. The options are endless when it comes to perfecting and customizing that special glow. Gone are the days of having wedding receptions in a firehall; today it’s time to create an atmostphere out of your reception hall.

As with the rest of our departments, our lighting design team uses their passion to help create incredible environments. Our lead lighting designers are college educated in design, and currently working in their field. We strive to transform rooms into works of art, highlight architectural features, and create incredible party environments! 

Our lighting department is much more than just uplights.

With the ability to handle most room decor and lighting, we are proficient in intelligent lighting, projection, architectural lighting, as well as backdrops and more.  We also have the ability to give your dance floor the extra kick it deserves, from full club style lighting arrays, to complete designs for bands, and other types of performance.

Another feature of our lighting department, and one of our marquee products (seen below) is the “dancing on cloud” effect. This effect is the icing on the cake to creating a romantic atmosphere, perfect for first dances. It’ll also make your wedding pictures amazing!

 Our goal is to make your venue look spectacular, unique, and most of all; you.

Contact our lighting design team now to transform your venue!