Modern Era Weddings provides a wide variety of services to bring the best entertainment possible to the best day of your life. Check out each of services below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions about what we offer!

Photo booth rental

The most creative photo booth in the world! Pose with over 100 props

Live Band

Everyone know that the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding is music. Choosing a band creates a new element to your wedding music.

Lighting Design

Nothing sets the mood for your wedding quite like lighting. Atmospheric lighting effects to change any venue into an event wonderland!


We should start off by telling you we are not your average wedding DJ. We also don’t plan on playing the chicken dance. But you can bet we’ll get Uncle Bill dancing!

Wedding Photography

Our photography department strives to provide you with beautiful imagery of your wedding. We work in the background for the most part, capturing your day in a photo-journalistic style.

Wedding Videography

Our videography department is dedicated to providing you with a real life, behind the scenes look at what happened on your special day! All weddings that get our video package include all HD footage, edited and RAW, and a teaser trailer made specifically for sharing online!

Want to see people enjoying being part of the Modern Era Wedding’s family? See all the fun and excitement in our gallery.