Happy Pride Month! Let’s find that perfect wedding card!

Have you found yourself struggling to find that perfect card for LGBT brides and grooms to be?

We know that for this specialized event many of us are unlikely to find many cards in the stacks at our local pharmacy – so in honor of Pride Month we went out to Kards Unlimited in search of the perfect card for that special couple!

Here are some of our favorites!

For that special couple who carry an elegant air about their love!

The perfect card for the flashy couple you know would love a little disco flair in your gift!

Short, sweet, simple and with all the colors of the rainbow right in the cake!

                Nothing a little minimalism can’t handle; a smooth & neutral colors makes for this perfect card.

These elegant designs are sure to make the happy couple swoon a sincere awe upon opening.

For that special couple who is both a little old fashion and not too flashy!

And perhaps my favorite card of all…

How perfectly adorable is this?

We here at Modern Era Weddings firmly believe first and foremost in the meaning and importance of love and strive towards making your wedding experience easier, more inclusive and more festive at every possible turn.

So while we are out here helping you find your perfect card – keep in mind we will always be here to help you create your perfect wedding.

Happy Pride Month again everyone!

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