What’s Nightclub or Mixing-Style DJ?

When people used to think of DJ’s they would think of some corny older gentleman in a tuxedo playing the electric slide and teaching everyone how to do it while he hoola hoops around and throw glitter on your grandma. While we think that would be hilarious to see, that is not the type of person you want at your event. We are young, creative, talented DJ’s who have been working to ensure that we have other talents besides just teaching the electric slide. We have worked years to be able to mix two songs together seamlessly so there is no dead air through out the night. We have all also worked in many different atmospheres and at a variety of events, where we learned how to “Read a Crowd” and also the basic of event coordination. Do you want some one who is going to be playing hop scotch on your dance floor? Or a highly trained professional who can make mash-ups live and uses the energy in the music to get the party going

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